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TongChuan China


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Australia Clare


Maximum wind speed level 17

The main challenge in this project was the wind speed. CLARE Solar Farm is located in Region C, this is a Cyclonic Region in Australia with 212 km/h (58,88 m/s) wind speed. The other critical issue was the ground composed by expansive clays with an active layer of 2 m in depth.

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China Huanghe Hydropower


Gobi desert

Huanghe 477MW EHV Project faced the challenge of logistic due to COVID-19 which greatly increased the risk of delivery delay. To meet the original COD deadline, the extra shipping time was required. The solution of this pressure was real-time logistic tracking and adding 3 logistics suppliers.

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Uneven terrain

Terrain slopes even higher than 20%, which required a customized mounting solution, adjusting the tables to the contour of the terrain with the purpose of reducing earth movements. In addition, fixed structure was designed for an allowable wind speed of 145mph (hurricane zone).

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Spain Cobra Solar Park


Mountain and hilly area

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United States Grasshoper


Uneven terrain

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Chile Capricornio


Hot and humid area